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From Tradition to Transformation: A Journey of Family Legacy and Innovation

BlogApr 18, 2024

From Tradition to Transformation: A Journey of Family Legacy and Innovation

The country I proudly call home was once a land primarily inhabited by desert tribes, relying on traditional industries like fishing, pearl diving, and camel herding. However today, it has transformed into a thriving hub of diverse industries, cutting-edge technology, architecture and visionary leadership. This growth represents the Emirati spirit of resilience, determination, and forward-thinking. […]


Building Trust In High-Performing TeamsBuilding Trust In High-Performing Teams

BlogApr 17, 2024

Building Trust In High-Performing Teams

With over two decades in managing companies and leading multiple teams, I’ve adopted an approach of building trust with high-performing teams. This is a value critical to the success of a team and an organization. At Sankari, we foster a culture of trust and empowerment within our teams. We believe that a unified goal and […]


BlogApr 12, 2024


CEO, SANKARI PROPERTIES 6 am: I am a big believer in truly nurturing oneself from the inside out and have committed myself to an active start every day. My mornings begin at 4:30 am, dedicating the first 90 minutes to cardio exercises. Cycling is my activity of choice, followed by a cold plunge at 5 […]


The Art of Perfectionism: Why the Journey Matters More Than the DestinationThe Art of Perfectionism: Why the Journey Matters More Than the Destination

BlogMar 26, 2024

The Art of Perfectionism: Why the Journey Matters More Than the Destination

In a world that often prizes outcomes over processes, the ethos of perfectionism holds a special place. Perfectionism is not just about achieving flawlessness. It’s about the ongoing learning and improvement process, affecting our personal and professional lives significantly. This process, defined by hard work and detailed attention, shapes us more profoundly than any goal we […]


Blog 1 - One Sankari wellness centric amenitiesBlog 1 - One Sankari wellness centric amenities

BlogMar 22, 2024

Integrating Wellness into the Heart of Real Estate

My journey into integrating wellness into our luxury real estate portfolio is a personal and strategic endeavor. Over the years, I’ve realized the profound importance of wellness, not just as a concept but as a lived experience, particularly as I crossed the age of 50. It became evident to me that the temporal bounds of […]


Building a Team for SuccessBuilding a Team for Success.

BlogFeb 25, 2024

Building a Team for Success

In UAE’s dynamic world of real estate and property development, the cornerstone of success lies in envisioning unique projects and the meticulous crafting of teams that can turn these visions into reality. I have the privilege of leading an organization that promises to deliver on a shared vision, a vision that mirrors the UAE’s commitment […]


Chairman Sankari Properties.Chairman Sankari Properties.

Press ReleaseApr 02, 2024

The Role of Entrepreneurship in Driving Economic Growth in U.A.E

In the U.A.E., the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well; it’s a driving force pushing our economy into the future. My path to founding Sankari and embarking on our first major project in Dubai has been inspired by a lifetime of lessons from my father’s entrepreneurial journey here in the U.A.E. Sankari may be […]


UHNWIs drive Dubai’s luxury real estate growthUHNWIs drive Dubai’s luxury real estate growth

Press ReleaseMar 29, 2024

UHNWIs drive Dubai’s luxury real estate growth

DUBAI — With over a decade of experience in Dubai’s luxury real estate sector, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the transformative impact ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) have had on the market. These individuals, with their discerning tastes and substantial investments, have not only shaped but also transformed the landscape of luxury properties in the city, leading […]


Press ReleaseFeb 08, 2024

Gulf Business Real Estate

SEE ALL THE MOVERS AND SHAKERS IN THE GCC’S PROPERTY MARKET Mark Phoenix joined Sankari Properties as CEO in 2023. Since taking the helm of the luxury property firm, he has built a professional environment where high-performing experts, meticulous operations, and a visionary outlook come together to deliver distinctive landmarks. With more than 30 years […]



Press ReleaseFeb 08, 2024

Dubai 100: Meet the 100 people you need to know in the emirate in 2024

In this special issue, we present the biggest names in Dubai’s vibrant business community, and their plans to help the emirate continue its status as the leading hub of industry and entrepreneurship in this part of the world. In this special issue, we present the biggest names in Dubai’s vibrant business community, and their plans […]


One Sankari Real Estate ProjectOne Sankari Real Estate Project

Press ReleaseJan 02, 2024

Dubai’s Sankari Properties set to award main contract for Marasi Marina project by mid-2024

The developer aims to complete the twin residential tower development by 2027-end, says Chairman Mohammed Sankari Dubai-based Sankari Properties intends to award the main contract for its first flagship twin residential tower in Marasi Marina [at Dubai Water Canal] by the second quarter of 2024, Chairman Mohammed Sankari told Zawya Projects. “Our development experts are […]


Press ReleaseDec 19, 2023

Sankari Properties Launches to Merge Opulent Real Estate with Enhanced Living Experiences

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: With the introduction of Sankari Properties, a transformative era for UAE’s premium real estate offerings is set in motion. Perfectly aligned with the nation’s strategy for economic diversification and growth, the developer seeks to make significant contributions to the established legacy and the promising future of the sector. The Aspiration In […]


Ultra Rare Full Floor ResidencesUltra Rare Full Floor Residences

Press ReleaseDec 18, 2023

Dubai developer Sankari Properties to build $1bn ultra-luxury project

Sankari Properties, a new entrant in Dubai’s real estate market, plans to build a $1 billion development in the Business Bay area, amid growing investor interest in the ultra-luxury property segment. Apartments at the twin residential towers, which will be built in the Marasi Marina area, will comprise three, four and five-bedroom units, with prices starting at […]