Apr 18, 2024

From Tradition to Transformation: A Journey of Family Legacy and Innovation

The country I proudly call home was once a land primarily inhabited by desert tribes, relying on traditional industries like fishing, pearl diving, and camel herding. However today, it has transformed into a thriving hub of diverse industries, cutting-edge technology, architecture and visionary leadership. This growth represents the Emirati spirit of resilience, determination, and forward-thinking.

My journey is shaped by my upbringing in the UAE, where traditional values like trust, integrity, and commitment are cherished as much as business skills. With such a visionary mindset, my father, Dr. Abdulkader Al Sankari, founded Sankari Group in 1983, establishing it as a prominent force in the fashion and hospitality industries across the Middle East. Specializing in renowned international brands from Europe with over 300 stores globally.

Here are some core values and guiding principles I have learned from my father as I carry forward the blueprint of our family legacy.

Family Ties: Legacy In Motion

Watching my father’s dedication to building his business into an internationally recognized entity has inspired me to continue his legacy and elevate our family name on the global stage. Over the past two decades, I have worked alongside my father, learning the intricacies of building a successful business. Guided by my father’s wisdom and experience, I developed a vision to revolutionize the real estate sector, ushering it into a new era of elevated living. That’s how Sankari was born.

This journey of working closely with my father not only instilled in me a deep understanding of business operations but also strengthened the bond within our family. It’s not just about business; it’s about carrying forward a tradition of excellence and commitment that defines our family values. This sense of familial pride and responsibility drives us at Sankari to continue innovating and creating lasting legacies in the industry.

Encouraging new ideas and creative thinking

I believe that embracing a culture of innovation and creativity are the key to success in building a strong entity. At Sankari, we nurture a culture of innovation within our organization by encouraging employees to think creatively and explore new ideas. Our core team at Sankari is committed to our success and growth, contributing unique skills, experiences, and a shared vision of excellence and innovation. Our passion drives us to strive for excellence, making Sankari a leader in premium real estate.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to stay updated on industry trends, technological advancements, and customers needs to identify opportunities and adjust strategies accordingly. Collaborating with like-minded companies, actively participating in industry events, networking, and gathering feedback from customers and stakeholders are also effective ways to embrace innovation.

Strength in connections and building the tribe

One of the most crucial aspects of building a business is surrounding yourself with the right people. Establishing strong connections with partners, investors, and stakeholders isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential. These relationships can unlock new opportunities and provide invaluable support as you navigate your journey.

When it comes to hiring talent, choosing the right people for key roles is a must. Finding the right individuals and delegating tasks effectively when building a team for your business can make all the difference. This strategic decision not only saves time and resources but also brings valuable expertise and knowledge to the table, helping execute your vision more effectively. By assembling the right team and fostering collaborations, you can turn your vision into a reality.

My experience of working alongside my father for more than two decades has deeply influenced and inspired me to forge my own path into launching Sankari. During this process, I was able to find the right team who helped me focus on the targeted market I was looking forward to catering to—the ultra-high net worth individual with a taste for luxury living—and envision our path for the next 40 years.

Mohammed Sankari