Privacy Policy

Sankari Properties Development Co L.L.C understands that privacy is important, and we respect and value the privacy of each person who visits our website at

We process personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

1. What Does This Policy Cover?

This Privacy Policy applies to the “processing” of your personal data on our website, which includes the collecting, storing, transferring, sharing, using, and disclosing of personal data.

We process personal data in a fair, lawful, and transparent manner for the specified and lawful purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.  We process the minimal amount of personal data required for our legitimate business interests, and we do not keep it for longer than is required. 

This Privacy Policy applies only to the collection of your personal data on our website (but not to information collected by any other means, including websites operated by third parties). We have no control over how your personal data is processed on third-party websites.  So, when clicking on links to external websites, you must review their privacy policies before providing them any data.

2. What Is Personal Data?

“Personal data” is any information that enables you to be identified.

It covers information that you expressly and voluntarily provide, such as your name and contact details, but it also covers information that is automatically collected from you, such as your IP address, device information, and other online identifiers, using “cookies” and similar technologies. 

3. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing unique data used to identify your computer to the network with the purpose of recognising you. Cookies track various aspects of you and your online behaviour, and while their main purpose is to provide you with an enhanced, personalised experience the next time you visit the same website, certain types of cookies are used purely for marketing purposes. 

To know more about the types of cookies used on our website, please refer to our Cookie Policy at

4. Informed Consent

We collect personal data from you with your express and informed consent. By clicking on the “I Accept” button when you first visit our website or by continuing to use the website, you are providing consent to our collection of your personal data.

Furthermore, where you voluntarily submit your personal data, such as when signing up for a newsletter, sending an enquiry, or otherwise contacting or communicating with us, you are deemed to automatically provide your consent to our collection of your personal data. 

You may withdraw your consent at any time in accordance with Part 13 (Withdrawing Consent).

5. What Personal Data is Collected?

Depending upon your use of our website, we collect your personal data such as (1) identity information (including your name), (2) your contact information (including, your physical address, email address, and telephone number), (3) technical information (including your IP address, browser type and version, and operating system), and (4) data from third parties and third party websites (which includes any the information set out above as well as profile information).

6. How is Personal Data Used?

We collect personal data to provide you with an experience tailored to your interests and preferences, as well as for our legitimate business interests.  These business interests include registering you on our website, providing and managing your access to our website and your account with us, administering our website, personalising our offers to you, as well as communicating with you, including through customised marketing campaigns and providing you with information that you have opted-in to receive.

With your consent or if permitted by law, we may also use your personal data for marketing purposes, and this may include contacting you by email, telephone, text message, and/or other messages with information posts, updates and news, and personalised offers.  We will never send you unlawful marketing or spam messages.

As a result, it is important that your personal data is kept accurate and up to date. If any of your information changes, please let us know.

7. How is Personal Data Stored and Secured?

We store personal data on secure servers located in the United Arab Emirates for as long as is reasonably required to pursue our legitimate business purposes or until you request that such information be removed, taking into consideration our need to answer any queries or resolve problems, or to comply with legal requirements under applicable laws.

We comply with international security standards and use best practice to safeguard the confidentiality of personal data, and the servers we use are protected by advanced security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption technologies. 

Personal data is regularly backed up to ensure its availability in case of technical issues.

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

8. Sharing of Personal Data

We may share personal data with our affiliated companies within the United Arab Emirates, trusted business partners, and/or carefully selected external parties who perform services on our behalf or assist us with providing services to you, including third-party service providers (such as cloud storage or IT service providers), who may be located locally or abroad, where required or permitted by, and in accordance with, applicable laws.

We will be obliged to share your personal data with government authorities to comply with any court order, legal process, or law. 

9. What Are My Rights?

We will always uphold your rights.  These rights include the following and are subject to applicable laws:

  1. Right to have personal data collected with informed consent
  2. Right to withdraw consent at any time
  3. Right to access personal data and know how it is used and shared
  4. Right to rectify personal data that is inaccurate
  5. Right to erase personal data (which is subject to our requirement to comply with a legal obligation or initiate, exercise, or defend a legal claim)
  6. Right to object to the processing of personal data (where (1) your personal data has been unlawfully processed, (2) the accuracy of your personal data is contested, or (3) you object to the legitimate business interest identified by us)
  7. Right to object to marketing (by opting-out using the unsubscribe/ opt-out function displayed in our communications to you)

For more information about our use of your personal data, or to exercise any of your rights in relation thereto, please contact us in accordance with Part 14 (How Do I Contact You?)

10. How Can I Control My Personal Data?

In addition to your rights under applicable laws, when you submit personal data on our website, you may be given options to restrict our use of your personal data.

In respect of direct marketing purposes, we will always provide you with control over what personal data is collected (and you will be provided with the opportunity to choose the information that you provide us, as well as to opt-out of receiving emails from us by using the unsubscribe link).

11. Can I Withhold or Restrict Information?

While you may be able to access certain parts of our website without providing personal data, to achieve the full experience of the website and use all of its features, you will be required to submit or consent to the collection of personal data.

You may also restrict our use of certain “cookies”. For more information on this, you may refer to our Cookie Policy at

12. How Can I Access My Personal Data?

To know more about what personal data we hold, you may ask us for details or request a copy of such information by submitting a subject access request in accordance with Part 14 (How Do I Contact You?), and we will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible. 

13. Withdrawing Consent

In addition to your other rights in relation to your personal data under applicable laws, where we process your personal data based on consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. To exercise this right, you may send us an email at [email protected] or, to unsubscribe from our email list, you may click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. 

14. How To Contact Us?

To contact us regarding your personal data or our privacy policy, including to exercise your right to withdraw consent to use your personal data, to make a subject access request, or to update your personal data, please send us an email at [email protected]

15. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy, from time to time, without notice, including if there is a change in applicable laws or in the way we process personal data on our website.  Changes will be posted on our website, and your continued use of our website is deemed to be acceptance of those changes. 

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 12 March 2024.