Press Release

May 04, 2024

Arabian Business: 100 Most Influential Arabs 2024

Name: Mohammed Sankari

Designation: Chairman

Name of company: Sankari Properties

Sector: Real estate

Mohammed Sankari, an accomplished business leader, has navigated a robust entrepreneurial path within a prospering family enterprise. His attention to detail and dedication to excellence have established him as a key contributor to the business landscape of the UAE.

Belonging to a family deeply rooted in business, Sankari’s education in decision-making, entrepreneurship, and risk assessment began at a young age. Even before his teenage years, he played a supportive role in the family enterprise and officially joined the business at the age of 18, while he pursued his formal education.

As an Emirati entrepreneur, Sankari is driven by a deep ambition to contribute substantially to his nation. He envisions creating architectural landmarks that embody the UAE’s rich history and promising future. Influenced by the leadership of the UAE and his family history, he dedicates himself to developing impactful lifestyle or living experiences. His goal is not to just enhance the standard of excellence, but to redefine it. He concentrates on the finer details to ensure precision in every commitment.

Leadership par excellence

Originating from a family business with a strong foothold in high-end retail and lifestyle, Mohammed brings a depth of market understanding and business expertise to Sankari Properties. His leadership is crucial for guiding the company in creating esteemed real estate projects that future generations will value and appreciate. His role in the family business has been significant in building a considerable real estate portfolio, demonstrating a legacy of growth and strategic foresight.

Sankari values trust in business dealings and fosters this through transparent communication, dependability, and a strong focus on client satisfaction. His strategic planning has played a significant role in bringing together a team characterised by a high level of professionalism and diverse expertise, well-equipped to navigate the UAE market’s intricate demands. Guided by his leadership, Sankari Properties is committed to developing real estate projects that exceed the anticipations of the UAE’s discerning client base. By effectively merging their longstanding principles with the dynamic landscape of the UAE’s real estate sector, Sankari Properties not only seeks to uphold the esteemed reputation established by the family over the years but also aims to adapt and respond to the contemporary needs and trends of the market. This alignment of traditional values with modern practices reflects a balanced approach to business that respects the past while embracing the future, positioning Sankari Properties as a forward-thinking player in the real estate domain.

About Sankari Properties

Sankari Properties, a new enterprise, was established in 2023, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Paris Group. Paris Group is the principal division of the Sankari Investment Group, a UAE-based conglomerate initiated in 1983 by Dr.  Abdulkader Sankari, the father of Mohammed Sankari. Specialising in luxury fashion and retail, UAE based conglomerate Paris Group operates over 300 stores worldwide. As a growing contributor to the UAE’s dynamic development, Sankari Properties presents a collection of luxury real estate steeped in a rich family legacy that intertwines a story of tradition and excellence.

Sankari Properties is dedicated to a philosophy that is both clear and bold: their mission is to construct homes that transcend the ordinary, creating not just impressive statements, but personal sanctuaries. They strive to ensure that each residence is more than a mere location in Dubai, but rather a reflection of the city’s dynamic spirit and vibrant lifestyle. Each property is a testament to their commitment to exquisite detail, embodying timeless elegance and sophisticated living.

Sankari Properties represents a collaboration of forward-thinking professionals across all specialities, including design and development, project management, operations, and customer service. These experts not only push real estate boundaries but also consistently strive to set benchmark standards. The firm has formed partnerships with best-in-class interior design and architecture firms, celebrated for their profound connection to space and style. These partners excel not just in design but also as discerning curators, adept at foreseeing every luxury and necessity. For Sankari Properties, the endeavour extends far beyond the realm of building premium apartments; it’s about cultivating a community that resonates with their discerning taste, values the finer aspects of life, and embraces the concept of living in Dubai as an experience without limits.

Flagship project in Business Bay     

Encompassing twin residential towers, the project will be masterfully crafted by Foster & Partners, featuring exquisite interior design by Portia Fox. Housed within the twin towers is a limited collection of just 63 exquisite full-floor residences, each ranging from three to five bedrooms in its sophisticated design. These start at 604 m2, each occupying an entire floor to ensure maximum privacy and security. This $1 billion development rising from the heart of Dubai’s vibrant Marasi district in Business Bay promises to redefine the elevated living experience, with starting prices of $10 million. Slated for completion in the fourth quarter of 2027, the introduction of Sankari Properties is aligned with the nation’s strategy for economic diversification and growth.

Nestled in a unique standalone plot with uninterrupted access and views of Marasi Marina and Downtown Dubai, the towers’ architectural design maximises stunning views of Dubai Creek and the city skyline. Sankari Properties is reimagining elevated living with thoughtfully designed spaces that foster a balanced lifestyle. The project boasts large terraces that enhance living spaces with year-round outdoor comfort and airflow. Residents will have access to abundant top-notch amenities, including private pools, a modern gym, and spa.  Sankari Properties is also set to collaborate with a key international luxury hospitality brand, ensuring high-standard services. This flagship residence is the first of many unique projects by Sankari Properties, located in prime areas like Marasi Business Bay and Palm Jumeirah, signalling the company’s diverse and strategic development plans.