Apr 29, 2024

Early Start Strong Finish

The 4:30 AM Club: How I Get a Head Start on Every Day

I’ve always believed in the power of a good morning routine. In our business, where every decision we make shapes the future of Sankari, starting the day strong is crucial. That’s why I became a big believer in getting a head start – for me, that means waking up at 4:30 AM.

I like to greet the day even before the sunrises. Those quiet hours before the world wakes up offer a golden chance for self-improvement and getting myself centred.

It all started with realizing the link between physical health, mental sharpness, and work wins. So, I took a deep dive into the 5 AM Club concept. Then I came across Cameron Hanes’ book “Endure” and his “always get up when the time starts with a 4” philosophy resonated with me.

My Power Hour (and a Half):

The first hour and a half of my day is dedicated to sweat and steel (or wheels!). I find cardio to be the most energizing way to start my day, and cycling is my go-to for getting that heart rate up. To ensure a smooth morning routine, I have my gym clothes or cycling gear laid out the night before – maximizing efficiency and minimizing excuses.

The post-workout feeling is fantastic. The endorphins kick in, my blood circulation improves, and I feel energized not just physically, but mentally too. It’s the perfect prep for the day ahead.

There’s more! One of my not-so-secret routines is a 10-minute cold plunge in 5-degree Celsius water. Let’s be honest, it’s brutal. But conquering that challenge sets the tone for the day – mentally, I’m unstoppable.

Beyond the Physical:

The benefits go way beyond the gym. Early mornings give me precious solo time to think, reflect on goals, and plan my day strategically. Whether I’m lifting weights or pedalling away, it’s my personal meditation time.

This routine keeps me positive and ensures my actions align with Sankari’s vision. By the time I arrive at the office, I’m not just physically charged, but also mentally strong and clear. This focus helps me connect better with everyone I work with, from colleagues to clients.

Discipline is Freedom:

I’ve always believed that discipline is the key to unlocking your full potential. It’s not just about setting goals; it’s about following through – every single day. Discipline isn’t a chore; it’s how I approach life, impacting everything I do at Sankari and beyond.

The best part? Seeing this mindset reflected in my senior team. They’re focused, accountable, and deliver exceptional results – living proof of the values we hold dear. This commitment to discipline and follow-through fuels our success and keeps us all moving towards our shared vision.

This approach has been my secret weapon for years, sharpening my focus for Sankari and propelling my leadership. It’s equipped me to tackle daily challenges and steer Sankari towards even greater heights of pioneering and excellence.

So, while 5 AM might not be for everyone, there’s power in claiming some “me time” before the day explodes. Find what works for you and watch your productivity – and your leadership – soar.

Mohammed Sankari,