Apr 12, 2024



6 am: I am a big believer in truly nurturing oneself from the inside out and have committed myself to an active start every day. My mornings begin at 4:30 am, dedicating the first 90 minutes to cardio exercises. Cycling is my activity of choice, followed by a cold plunge at 5 degrees Celsius for 10-5 minutes. This regimen builds physical resilience and sharpens my mental focus, setting a solid foundation for the day ahead.

8 am: I find my peak productivity and mental clarity during the morning hours at work. It’s a time I look forward to for chats and coffee catchups with my team. These moments are pivotal for supporting, understanding, and addressing any upcoming challenges they might face. Prioritizing a people-first culture is at the core of my daily agenda, and I practice it every day.

10 am: The key to any company’s success is its team. My executive assistant, Aimee, and I have been a formidable team for 17 years. She schedules my meetings during my most productive morning hours. I advocate for meetings to be concise, ideally wrapped up within 30 minutes, emphasizing the importance of preparation and punctuality. This is a practice I not only preach but also diligently follow.

12 pm: By mid-day, I transition into preparation mode for my formal meetings, with a keen focus on detail. I ensure that I am thoroughly prepared for any topic that may arise, diving deep into the specifics.

2 pm: In the afternoons, I dedicate time to meetings with shareholders, whether they’re based regionally or internationally. These sessions focus on discussing high-level strategies and key project issues, ensuring everyone is fully updated on our direction and progress.

4 pm: By this time, I’m meticulously planning the next day’s agenda, ensuring my schedule is organized well in advance. Following a set schedule enables a productive rhythm of work, review, and collaboration.

6 pm: The concept of transitioning from work to personal time isn’t about switching off for me. I embrace the philosophy of work-life integration, which feels seamless when you’re passionate about your work and surrounded by people you respect.

For me, heading home is just a change of scenery rather than an end to my workday.

8 pm: I make it a priority to spend at least an hour with my children before their bedtime, barring any unavoidable commitments. This time is non-negotiable for me; it’s my absolute boundary. To unwind at the end of the day, I engage in weightlifting sessions followed by a relaxing sauna, which I’m fortunate to have installed at home.

This routine helps me transition from the day’s responsibilities to personal time.