Life In Flow

Embrace Your Zenith

One Sankari stands as a beacon of serenity amidst the vibrant pulse of Dubai. A sanctuary in the skies, tailored for the tranquil life you’ve envisioned.


  • Ultra rare full floor residences
  • Large outdoor terraces
  • Private swimming pool
  • Double height living space
  • Ultra-Penthouse
One Sankari Real Estate Project
Foster and Partners


Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners’ visionary approach elevates One Sankari, sculpting a Dubai icon where architectural brilliance meets environmental foresight.

Portia Fox Sankari Properties Interior designer
Ultra Rare Full Floor Residences

Interior Design

Portia Fox

Portia Fox’s mastery of design infuses One Sankari with interiors that celebrate luxury, tailored to perfection for the discerning eye.

YODEZEEN Sankari Properties
Sankari Properties Interior design YODEZEEN

Interior Design


YODEZEEN’s distinctive touch in One Sankari weaves contemporary elegance with timeless design, creating spaces that are both innovative and inviting.

The Services

A Lifestyle of Comfort

Excellent architecture by Sankari Properties


Five-Star Excellence

Anticipate perfection, desire indulgence – Managed by the industry’s finest, a 5-Star Hotel Operator.

One Sankari Cigar Room by Sankari Properties


Unrivalled Amenities

Immerse in exclusivity – Every amenity crafted to surpass expectations, curated for the discerning.

One-Sankari-Indoor-Lap-Pool by Sankari Properties


Serenity Redefined

Rejuvenation becomes art – Our spa, a testament to tranquility, designed for the connoisseur of calm.


The Pinnacle of Prestige

One Sankari: Address map of real estate project by Sankari PropertiesOne Sankari: Address of real estate project by Sankari Properties